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Sky Blues - Vicki Hendricks To do list prior to reading this book:

1) Purchase and read a book on skydiving paying particular attention to terms used including but not limited to type of parachutes, cords used, number of parachutes used in skydiving and computers used. You can save money by finding a comprehensive book which includes lingo terms used in skydiving, preferably for the south Florida area, the setting of this book and its local customs such as the celebratory event held after 100 skydives.

2) Purchase a book, doesn't have to be a detailed book, but a book on large animal vet terms including terms on medications, including injections such as tranquilizers. Skip through reading African animals, primarily.

3) To save time, write down a list of adjectives which would describe the color blue, yellow, and white; i.e. dazzling blue, deep blue, bright blue you get the idea. (Had this been on my Kindle, sorry folks, I could have told readers exactly how many times the words blue and eyes were used. Just guessing, eyes (hers but mostly Tom's) probably 149 times and blue about 169 times (for sky and eyes.) By knowing the adjectives, you can save time by skipping over them thereby saving yourself time so that you can finish it faster to pick up a good book.

This was my third Vicki Hendricks book and the first one, Miami Purity was great. Clear characters, great storyline and surprises throughout.

Iguana Love, well, it was more complicated like love affairs between men and women who are missing a few grey cells (I think they were) but it was good. At least it made me think a lot trying to understand all the allegories. And, which is pretty important to me, anyhow, there was a storyline, kindof. They got five and four stars respectively.

So, silly me, I expected this book to be fairly good with a fairly good plot, well written descriptive characters and a book that would give me a jolt from time to time like the other two.

That was the reason I continued when it's pace just never went anywhere; not up into those dazzling blue skies or Tomcat's mesmerizing blue eyes; or down when vet Destiny landed into the brown dirt or grass as green as a chameleon sitting on a green leaf. (How trite is that? Like the book I was reading, that's how trite.)

Like many authors, just because they've 'hit the mark' once, twice or more, doesn't mean they do every time thereafter.

The book was only 230 pages and I could have finished it in one day but every time I looked at it, I groaned. Do I have to finish this? Each time the answer was yes but I sure put it off and finally just said to myself, to hell with it, I'm biting the bullet and finishing it now; which I did, FINALLY.

Sorry, Vicki Hendricks, as much as I hate to say it, this may be my last one. We'll see.

The ending? Surprise ending is what I read from briefly glancing through other reviews which was one reason I continued.

My opinion of the ending? Thank god it's over. Read with caution.