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Fletch's Fortune (Fletch Series #3)

Fletch's Fortune - Gregory McDonald All of us at one time or another have gone through the stress of a broken modem, router, computer tower, laptop and/or a million other things that can occur to prevent access to the internet.

Internet access has become in some respects, imperative for many of us. So when lightening hit and destroyed my modem/router, and I spent five hours just on the phone trying to resolve the problem, I needed a book that would lighten my mood and lower my blood pressure and stress level.

For me, something nonsensical or funny or light was the ticket. So who do I reach for? Fletch is my man...Irwin R. Fletcher, the smart ass newspaper journalist who is now a man of leisure due to the fortune he acquired in book #2. Fletch now lives in Italy (mostly) and writes for European artsy/fartsy magazines.

A movie was made called Fletch Macdonald's first book and starred Chevy Chase. In my opinion it was perfect casting so I read the entire book thinking about Chevy pulling all these stunts.

photo 8c3ade42-3548-4973-8e7e-e59fc8ecd6da_zps24def8ae.jpg
Chevy Chase is Fletch

As an aside from IMDB "Gregory McDonald, the author of the Fletch novels, had casting approval over the film. He rejected both Mick Jagger and Burt Reynolds before he decided on Chevy Chase for the lead." Great going Mr. Mcdonald. (Mcdonald does not cap the "d" in his name.) And Mick Jagger? OMG, glad that didn't happen.

Fletch was just what the doctor ordered...light, breezy, easy and at times laugh out loud funny.

Under normal circumstances, I would probably give this a three star rating but due to my frame of mind (which was NOT good) it's a solid three and a half and I round up, so four stars it is. Yes, it served its purpose lifting my spirits and my attitude and lowering my stress level.

And yes, as you can guess, my computer is working just fine. It took much thought to identify and confirm the problem and this book did not distract me from that, which was my number one priority.