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Dead Letter

Dead Letter - Jonathan Valin It's a Jonathan Valin again, my new favorite writer with my new favorite character, Harry Stoner, P. I.

This is #3 in the series and although I do like to read in order, I'm not fanatical about it. This book was on the library shelf so I walked right out of the library, took it home and cracked it open.

Love that Harry, love this adventure which kept me guessing from beginning to end.

I'm taking my GR friend Harry's idea...when he reads the first book in the series he writes an extensive review then refers the later books in the series which he's read, back to his first review.

Great idea, Harry, and that's what I'm doing here. Valin's first book was The Lime Pit, where he introduces a real P.I. Well, he certainly seems real to me.

photo 5fd42fc3-22d1-4758-9bcb-016e1f75ff9f_zps99f2ab85.jpg
I'm Not the Only One

And Harry is stylish, a natty dresser when needed. He knows without a doubt he knows how to dress for any occasion. Whether it's a cocktail party (which he doesn't look forward to but for his job, his work, anything goes) or hanging out at Busy Bee on Ludlow in Cincy.

This is how he would start his wardrobe for the evening:

photo boxers_zpsd2162222.jpg

This is what he would not start with for any occasion:

Harry wouldn't be caught dead wearing this. photo o-WORST-MALE-UNDERWEAR-570_zps3db6c7f6.jpg

Every book it appears we get to know a little more about what makes Harry tick and I'm looking forward to following him to the ends of the...well, to number 11 anyway.

OK, here's a quote I liked: It's embarrassing to keep a secret that no one else is interested in. It's like holding the bag on a snipe hunt or being sent out for a left-handed wrench."

I have personal knowledge about those snipe hunts, having been on one.