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Nightmare in Pink (Travis McGee, #2)

Nightmare in Pink - John D. MacDonald Third time's a charm! This is book #2 in the series.

I recall the last time I read the series collectively speaking, Travis got in a lot of trouble. But this time, this book, trouble is really, really bad.

Seemed to pay more attention to just who he was and marked a couple of personal information:

1) When Travis got out of the service during the Korean War, he was supposed to go into business with his brother. However, when he got back there was no business; it had been taken away from his brother (no specifics) and his brother subsequently killed himself.

2) Speaking about women he says "People have to be valued."

3) Trav says: “I do a lot of talking. It makes me believe sometimes I know who I am. McGee, the free spirit. Such crap. All I’ve ever done is trade one kind of bondage for another. I’m the victim of my own swash buckled image of myself. I’m lazy, selfish and pretty shifty, Miss Nina. So I have to have an excuse structure. So I glamorize my deficiencies, and lecture pretty little women about truth and beauty. Are you wise enough to understand that? If so, you are wise enough not to trip over my manufactures image.”

4)Travis McGee's description of himself: pale-eyed (gray), wire-haired girl-finder, big shambling brown boat-bum who walks beaches, slays small fishes...

At one point she says "Doan go away." Just how I feel about Travis McGee. Doan go away, Travis, ever. You've been my guy way back when and still today.