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The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller Series #4)

The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly Surprise, surprise, surprise!

No surprise to me that this was a 'blow me away' book since I've loved each and every one of the Mickey Haller series but there were surprises throughout this book. And the end, well there was a surprise on each of the last ten pages. I knew that other reviewers said there was a surprise ending, but with each one, I didn't think there could be another one. They just kept coming page after page.

Publishers Weekly stated "...The plot is worthy of a master storyteller." What does that mean? It was a great, masterful storyline. It wasn't worthy, it just was! Hands down one of the five best books I've read in the past year and I've read some good books.

Again, since Mickey Haller is a defense attorney, there are plenty of courtroom scenes which I happen to love. Not all scenes are in the courtroom though with plenty of action outside the LA Justice Center. Twists and turns are cliches in book reviews so I won't say that. But I would be devouring page after page then BANG, an important discovery which changes the game entirely. Again, reading along enjoying every word, then BANG again, and an event happens which is a game changer. Just like an exciting football game.

Mickey Haller is the second character for Michael Connelly with Harry Bosch making Connelly a household name in reading circles. I've read them both and find Mickey has more humane characteristics than his half brother Harry. In my estimation, he has more of a warm, caring heart.

I love Mickey's courtroom scenes when he pauses for effect; or picks up his pen with a flourishing hand. Sometimes he must be an actor of sorts and he loves it all especially the challenge of winning over the jurors and the case. Does he represent the innocent? He won't ask them if they are or are not. He simply gives them the vigorous defense (his words) they are entitled to under the U. S. Constitution.

Each book I think to myself, 'they can't get any better than this one' and then Connelly hits another one out of the park, or courtroom. Love Mickey Haller...I want more.