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In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead (Dave Robicheaux Series #6)

In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead  - James Lee Burke Dave, Dave, Dave. Your moral compass seems to move constantly depending on the circumstances. The inner demons never go away either so you're in a constant battle with yourself. Maybe easing up on yourself would help? Perhaps, but probably not. And how would you do that anyway? A psychiatrist couch? That's not going to happen.

Thank god for Alafair and Bootsie who help you keep the hands on the moral compass in the green area and out of the red and yellow although sometimes they can't even help you. You can only help yourself and it's a constant battle, we know.

And if not for these colorful and crooked old classmates of yours, your life would be less eventful but then I could not enjoy the adventure you take me on each reading when I can't turn the pages fast enough.

Dave, you had multiple storylines this time around; murder you witnessed 30+ years ago; serial killer on the loose; making of a movie about the Civil War; a drunken actor who insists he's seen war torn solders; your own visions; and an old schoolmate and not so upstanding citizen who moved back to New Iberia for the movie. Looks like he may have a monetary interest in the movie as a scam. Plus, Dave, there are a number of secondary storylines such as your new temporay partner from the FBI, Rosie Gomez, who has her own demons and moral compass to contend with.

On top of all that's going on, you, dear Dave, through your boss, you have to take the heat from the Chamber of Commerce and other local business owner's because these folks are bringing in money from the picture being shot in the area. Morally, who cares that there are mob connections? Or maybe a murderer among them? They're bringing in money. Oh, my, Dave, another moral dilemma, back off or do your job?

Dave, you've once again taken me on a wild ride and I thank you. Your description of the beautiful and haunting area you live in, only adds to the atmosphere, dark decisioins and mood of In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead. Once again, it's been great.