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St. Augustine in the Gilded Age, Florida (Postcard History Series)

St. Augustine in the Gilded Age - Beth Rogero Bowen, St. Augustine Historical Society From St. Augustine and living in St. Augustine, I'm a sap for the history of St. Augustine.

Besides, I've been collecting St. Augustine postcards for more than, gosh, 35 years or so. Beth's books are right up my alley and I'm really surprised to see them in Goodreads. I'll tell her that when I see her.

Although I have about 95% of these postcards, there was some write-ups on them that I was not familiar with so it was a great read for me. Anything St. Augustine is something I'm interested in and since I've been reading about the city for so many years, a reminder sometimes is great.

As a member of the St. Augustine Historical Society (SAHS), I see Beth there from time to time. Since she retired a few years ago she's been pulling together interesting topics of the city and having them published in her books sometimes in association with the SAHS.

She is a long time friend since those of us who grew up here together have known each other since grade school. However, that would not deter me from giving an honest review.

Beth researches her topics by contacting those who are most knowledgeable and writes without editorializing which is frequently done in local books. The quality is outstanding as is the author's writing and research as previously mentioned.

It's often said that a consultant (or expert) is someone who live 40 miles from the site of interest. In this case the City of St. Augustine is fortunate to have a native as one of the best around in local history in many years. Hopefully, her series and other stand alone books will continue for many years in the future. Documentation of lost eras is important for future generations and history itself.