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THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Love & Marriage & Kids & Chaos

THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Love & Marriage & Kids & Chaos - Bob Morris Bob Morris is a very clever Florida author and I've been reading these short essays for awhile, mostly in the doctor's office, where I finished it today.

Morris has written five books and I loved them all, in part because they were set in Florida, the nearby Bahamas and the Caribbean. But all his writing is clear, spare and to top it off, humorous. All the elements I enjoy in reading just for fun.

I found those same elements in all the short essays, some funny, some enlightening and some simply heartwarming.

Not sure what Morris does now (book was published in 1984, I believe) but he's been a free lance writer for NatGeo Traveler, Bon Appetit, Islands, to name a few magazines and was a newspaper columnist and magazine editor. And of course, a mystery author of the Zack Chasteen series. Chasteen was a great character and I want to read more of him.

Morris' two boys (who he wrote much about in this collection) must be in college now so I hope he has some time on his hands. If so, I selfishly hope he's back to writing novels because he's very good at it.

In the meantime this was a great read on my Kindle. Guys, I think, would really get more of a kick out of it than women. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it a lot. One of the last essays was called "The Birth Control Fairness Doctrine" about his feeling on getting a vasectomy. His editor talked him into writing about it (he said) and it was quite humorous if such a subject can contain humor. It was for me anyhow but maybe not so much for men. Funny stuff!