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$200 and a Cadillac

$200 and a Cadillac - Fingers Murphy Read Follow the Money so this was #2 on my Fingers Murphy list of books.

It wasn't Ollie (who I liked a lot in Follow the Money) it was a whole cadre of characters some more likable than others which is not unusual. It is unusual though (for me) to like one who is a hit man.

Another reviewer mentioned that this book reminded him of early Elmore Leonard and I agree with his opinion. All the characters are fleshed out and the plot laid out with great care. Then the end, wham bang, what a great ending!

When I know I'm coming to an ending of an eBook, (or any book for that matter) I take an hour (or more) to finish it in one sitting. With this eBook though, I was about 88% and therefore thought the end was not near. However, I was wrong because there was about 12% left which were the opening chapters for Fingers Murphy's other two books. I decided to re-read the end again in one sitting paying more attention to make sure I 'got it.' That's my only criticism.

Well worth the cost, $2.99, I believe. Loved it!