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Masters of Noir: Volume Three

Masters of Noir: Volume Three - John D. MacDonald, Lawrence Block, Ed McBain, Hal Ellson, Theodore Pratt, Fletcher Flora, Henry Slesar, Henry Kane, Steve Frazee, Eugene Pawley Volume Three in the series was the best of all three, in my opinion. Of course with John D. MacDonald (JDM) as one of the authors of these short stories, it would have to be.

John D. MacDonald is right up there with my very favorite authors of all time. Read him in the early 70's and re-read every Travis McGee book from start to finish about five years ago. They were just as good then as they were in the 70's, so anything that includes JDM, I'm an automatic fan.

Other good authors/stories in this third volume were Henry Kane and Ed McBain. But all were good stories, some I liked better than others naturally as books like this go.

Fans of noir...they are fun reads and I just love the 'dated' stuff where many times the woman 'did it' because she's 'trashy' or a 'real looker'. Writing like "the guy stubbed out his cigarette with the heel of his black polished shoe, smoke rings coming out of his nose." Stuff like that. I just like the way these guys wrote.

As an aside, the stories were published in men's magazines such as Manhunt and Man's Magazine. Those magazines, I'm sure, went by the wayside. I would feel so cool going into a convenience store and throwing a Manhunt up on the counter in my pressed beige rain coat with my hat cocked to one side over my eye saying "How much ya want, gorgeous?" That's what I call cool!