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Masters of Noir: Volume Two

Masters of Noir: Volume Two - Hal Ellson, Frank Kane, Harold Q. Masur, Talmage Powell, Robert Turner, Jonathan Craig, Charles Jackson, Michael Fessier, Craig Rice, David Alexander As a book of short stories goes, this book was good, not great with some stories better than others. Only one or two I would want to read again. Volume Two didn't have the likes of John D. MacDonald (JDM) or Mickey Spillane (Volume One) but a couple of names I recognized such as Frank Kane and Craig Rice.

Most of the stories were written about 1953-55 and were published in magazines. I wonder if those magazines are still around? Probably not. The language reflects the period, of course, so for me they're fun to read and catch those 50's phases.

I like short stories because I can put the book down for extended periods of time. And I believe that short stories are harder to write than novels because they're 'tighter.' Authors must make their point with fewer words and descriptions. That's hard.

Already downloaded Volume Three and exicted that JDM has a story in that edition. May just skip directly to him, one of my favorite writers of all time.