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The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo Granted, I readily admit that I am not cosmopolitan.

Learning other languages (haven’t tried the Rosetta Stone) has always been a challenge for me never being successful---try as I may. Fortunately (or not) here in north Florida, knowing English is good enough although I do know my fair share of ‘red neck’ since north Florida is the center of the universe for the dialect. (Please don’t spread that around although I think it's already known.)

With that said, at times I found myself a bit lost reading Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast, not often but enough to bother me alot. By the way, the name is pronounced ˈju ˈnɛsbø. I've been saying Joe, oh, my.

Nesbo’s character Harry Hole is pronounced Hoo-ley per my friend Harry. I told Harry that I thought the character's name Harry Hole was an odd choice for Nesbo. My friend Harry who is much more cosmopolitan than I am, shared the correct pronunciation with me.

Hole is absolutely the kind of hero in books that I simply adore. He is honorable, diligent, kind and humble lacking arrogance which is quite refreshing to me in life and in characters.

Nesbo's storyline is the best, very intriguing and leaves a few unanswered questions at the end which I'm sure are to be addressed in the next book. Since some books have not been translated into English, not sure which one I'll read next. (I am not learning Norwegian to read the series.)

My only drawback is the fact that although the English translation is great, I was still stuck with unfamiliar words and references. And knowing Norway would benefit me immensely.

Norway photo NorwayMap_zpsc3d4c46d.gif

Distance between St. Augustine, FL and Oslo, Norway is 4667, and kilometers from Jacksonville, FL to Oslo, Norway is 7272.


Next read, and there will be one, and it may already be on my bookshelf, I’m printing out a detailed map so I can see where Harry has been and is going.

Learning kilometers, well, that may be another thing. Not sure I’ll live long enough to learn both a new language and converting to the metric system.

For a much more thorough and articulate review, do yourself a favor and read Harry’s review at The Redbreast. Harry is an ardent Harry Hole fan, just ask him.

As an aside, I was emailing another reader of Nesbo and one comic said, "what's with the o's with a slash through them and the little o's over some letters?" He was talking about this: å prøve vår. No clue, but he gave me a laugh. Guess we are both Made in America. And yes, we need to broaden our reading beyond our boundaries.