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Palindrome - Stuart Woods I reckon this will definately be my last Stuart Woods book. And I reckon I said that before but it was strongly suggested by a friend who knows that I loved his book Chiefs, which, by the way, was great.

As another reviewer put it, Woods sold out to the company, writing two books a year, none of which are a half way decent read. So I reckon you guys who read a lot will see through this one quickly. It was just bad and barely readable.

Enough said, don't have time to pan this book much. If you read it though, get used to the word reckon because it's used throughout by all the characters, all the time, including a Harvard graduate. Maybe ole Woods thinks that we talk that way down south. Who knows?

I have to say though, the book's only saving grace, for me, was Cits setting, umberland Island which is not too far from where I'm from and where I live. I'm sure there are books though on Cumberland Island so I would have gotten those pictures and descriptions without reading the word 'reckon' 100 times in a book slightly more than 400 pages.

Woods needs to hang up his pen/pencil or computer. He's way past writing anything that is decent enough to read. Last Stuart Woods I'll ever read and I know I've said that before, but I really, really mean it this time.