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When the Cat's Away - Kinky Friedman Who would have thought that Kinky Friedman, yes that Kinky Friedman writes books! He has written more than 15 mysteries and some non-fiction, for more than 20 books total.

For a news junky like myself, I knew a bit about him although I’m not from or live in Texas. (However, I did live there for a year but I never heard his name mentioned.)

Some of his bio was in the news when he ran for governor of Texas in 2006 and I recalled hearing that he was a musician with group called, hold on to your seat, “Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys.” WHAT? WHO IS THIS GUY? I asked myself! Strange dude, that's for sure and I wondered was he serious.

Apparently he was serious and no, as we know, he didn't win. Texas was blessed with the re-election of Rick Perry. Yes, the presidential candidate who couldn't remember the three departments he would abolish if elected president.

For some reason, I put in a status update and my friend from UK, Col wrote one of the most clever comments I've heard in a long time when he saw I was reading a Kinky Friedman.

Here goes: Col speaking here: “I tried Kinky once, and didn't get on with him - a bit too smug for my liking. I always thought that it was a good job he wasn't made out of chocolate, otherwise he would have ate himself a long time ago.”

Yes, I have to agree with Col that Kinky is a bit full of himself but I think anyone who runs for public office has somewhat of an inflated ego to begin with.

Well, I got along with Kinky and accepted his outrageous behavior and put it aside. (Even saying Kinky and behavior in the same sentence, sounds odd to me.)

Kinky, the author, writes his book in the first person and guess what? The protagonist is Kinky. Kinky the protag (opposed to the real Kinky) smokes cigars the entire day, drinks Jameson (an Irish whiskey) does a line of coke from time to time, well, in the book Kinky does pretty much what Kinky wants to do. Which is probably not far removed from the human, real Kinky Friedman who drinks Jameson and from pictures I've seen, always has a cigar in his hand.

photo Anejophoto_-_100_-_crop_zpsa05676ef.jpg
Apparently Kinky’s Two Favorite Things in Life

Kinky is in New York and is a P. I. It’s very hard to describe whether he’s a serious P. I. or not because I’m just not sure. Nevertheless, a friend calls from Madison Square Garden that her prized kitty is missing from her carry crate at the cat show. She needs Kinky to find her kitty which has four white feet, white socks.

cat white feet photo: white cat feet lying down kittyfeet.jpg
Only two showing but this kitty, I’m certain, has four feet

The characters, of course, are as kinky and weird as Kinky but all in all, being honest, I liked the book. Surprised, too, because I didn’t think I would, didn't expect to like it.

This fellow is so irreverent about everything that it’s outrageously funny. A couple of the titles of his books: Texas Hold 'Em: How I Was Born In A Manger and Died In The Saddle, And Came Back As A Horny Toad; and Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola.

And smug? Like a Jackson Burnett (who recommended Kinky to me) said, he's from Texas! Although Kinky was born in Chicago, he’s been a Texan his entire life.

Texans are unique. They’re not quite like the rest us in the U.S. and they proudly stand apart. I haven’t heard anything about it recently, but a bill was proposed in the Texas Legislature to secede from the Union, the United States of America. And it wasn't a joke like our Conch Republic in Key West seceding.

Seen that slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas”? Well, they mean it. (Lewis Black, a political satirist ignores that saying and motto in a big way as seen on The Daily Show last month: Lewis Black on TDS)

Yes, Kinky Friedman is different but I enjoyed this book, it was a bit quirky and off the radar but it was entertaining and a fun read.

Although I'm not running to the library to get another, or running to see my friend Vanessa at All Books and Comics, if I find some, sure, I'll pick them up. They won't tax my mind, that's for sure.

photo 8959b219-dab9-4d8f-962b-f6292de1d43f_zps8858b041.jpg
Mount Kinky...Think He's Full of Himself?

photo kinky_texas_framed_tile_zps0f19b2fe.jpg
Maybe a campaign poster in 2006?

photo newsnelson_zps3aead6d2.jpg
Kinky and Willie Nelson---Kinky Hangs With Good Company