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World War Two: A Short History - Norman Stone World War Two: A Short History calls for a short review.

If you don't know world geography both before 1938 and after 1945, save yourself time and print out world maps to refer to in order to save time.

Some interesting information I had never read before
U. S. General Mark W. Clark "...decided his name should be in lights as the take of Rome, and he even arrested British officers who broke his ban on their also entering the city.

Jews remaining who had not been "pushed out" of western Europe and considered a "bad influence" faced "endless humiliations both petty and major, such as the prohibition if birdseed for pet birds or on parcels from abroad, but they could not exactly be murdered." Then, that is.

Churchill "...warned the world that if the Nazis won, there would be a great darkness of perverted science." "Orwell (George) made the same point when he said that the Hilterian vision of the future was just of 250,000,000 blond people reproducing themselves.

All in all, a great overall history of how every country in the world was affected by this "perfect storm" of a war; some, of course, more than others but the world afterward was a different place with major shifts in power.

Just know your world geography well, since it included only three maps and at least ten would have helped to make this an "afternoon read" as one reviewer stated.