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Hell and Gone - Duane Swierczynski H&G is book number two in the trilogy of the Charlie Hardie series by Duane Swierczynski who I had never heard of until recently. DS is quite an interesting guy...comic book creator, writer for Marvel comics and magazine editor among other things.

My GR friends "harped" (in a good way) that I must read him so I did and book one, just blew me away. Fast reading and fast paced, and a solid four stars teetering towards five. I'm chintzy with five stars, ask my good friend Jackson Burnett GR author and reviewer who wrote The Past Never Ends...which was great, by the way. (Read it, you'll like it!) Jackson knows I'm chintzy with the magical five.

This one, book number two, I didn't like so much. It was ok but wasn't one of those books which I love...hating to put it down and hurrying to pick it back up to continue reading. That's one reason it took more than two days to finish.

Three-quarters of the book was set in a strange ass prison. Not your 'run of the mill' kindof prison. Never had any personal prison experience but prison life here just seemed repetitious and a bit boring. (Guess it is that...but who wants to hear the same, same for a book?)

Maybe not boring for Charlie Hardie, I guess, but there seemed to be some sci-fi and/or fantasy elements but not sure because I don't read much of either genre. It just didn't seem to be much of a mystery and/or thriller to me...and noir, not much of that either in my mind. (Couldn't say the same for the first in the series, Fun & Games. Noir and mystery, for sure.)

Glad it's finished finally, so I can get to the last one in the trilogy which will I will begin shortly. Sure hope it winds up with a bang...time invested and such. If not, so be it. I'm not embarrassed to put books down any longer. Life's too short to read a book I'm not enjoying. My new (old) mantra.