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Fun & Games - Duane Swierczynski Aptly named Fun & Games, I loved this book because it was just that, fun and games FAST times two. It was also a Shamus winner. Now that should catch some eyes for those of us book nerds who follow such award nominations and winners.

It wasn't high octane either, it was jet fueled and at times I thought the book was going to jettison out of my hands it went so fast.

Haven't had this much fun reading since Laurence Shames and Joey's move from New York City to Key West to romp in the sun and surf. And yes, to live. Yeah, just like most Florida residents these days. Read all of Shames' books non-stop a few years ago and loved each and every one because...because they had humor and mystery. Magical words for me.

As my friends know, I love humor and humor with a good mystery is a double bonus. So that is what I got with this author, Duane Swierczynski, who is now a new author on my list of favorites. An aside, Duane and his brother Gregg were named after The Allman Brothers. Sense of humor as a family trait, perhaps.

Duane is a writer of comic books. Hummm, comic books; I thought that was interesting. He's from Philadelphia and his bio indicates this is one multi-talented guy, maybe the most talented guy I never heard of until now. Besides the Shamus Award, his books have been nominated for the Edgar and Anthony Awards.

Let me think now who said I've got to read this book, this writer; it was Col, I think, or Jim Thane, or Harry, Shawn or Viccy or Ed, Pete, or Leon. All these guys know my love of fun in reading mysteries. So it was one or maybe all and I'm giving them all credit for sending DS my way, and my new favorite guy, a dark horse, Charlie Hardie.

In Fun & Games there's a slice of noir and hard-boiled threaded throughout, not overwhelming but enough to satisfy me. That noir really goes a long way with me, too, and Charlie's story set in LA atmosphere helps a bit. Oh, fun, too, in that it's set in what...a 24-hour period...if not, not much more than 24.

Can't wait to dig into the second of this trilogy of ex-cop contract cop? turned couch potato house-sitter Charlie Hardie. He's to be trusted (he's an ex-cop remember?) and will fly to sit, waiting only for the next Jim Beam bottle with a comfortable couch and a big screen plasma TV, thank you very much.

It was JB wasn't it? Well, with Charlie, any bourbon in the cabinet will do.

One friend said he read it one sitting and sure wish I could have done that. I wanted to after the first chapter, believe me.

Charlie Hardie, a fun fellow who trouble follows. I'm coming, Charlie, I'm coming back soon! We're not finished yet, Charlie, not quite yet! Wait for me, Charlieeee. I'll be right back.