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Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins Mysteries) - Walter Mosley, Kevin Ryan This was a great book however, due to circumstances beyond my control, I read it in short time sequences and spurts. I hate to read books that way. I like to read two hours or more at each sitting but it didn’t happen here but it’s not going to reflect the four stars I gave it.

And certainly, the ending, that in itself deserves the fourth star.

This was a first time effort for Walter Mosley in 1990 who is now an established and well respected author.

His protagonist, Easy (Ezekiel) Rawlins is such a great character and one which I like because down deep, he’s ‘pure of heart.’ He strives to do the right thing (a big thing with me) and expects others around him to do the same. Wishful thinking on his part though and he’s aware of that.

All the guy wants is respect from those around him, including his boss and he wants to pay his mortgage. That’s not asking too much for this thirty something black man who is well spoken, educated and a veteran who served in WWII... The novel is the first and the basis for the series, Easy Rawlins,P.I., which I’m looking forward to.

Great storyline, wonderful vivid descriptions of L.A., dialogue superb and fast paced; all of the attributes of what I enjoy in a good readable book. And the fact that Easy is black just puts another unavoidable element for action and dialogue.

Like I mentioned, wish my reading of this book had been different because this was a great book and now, will certainly put it on my ‘to-read again soon’ list.