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The Narrows - Michael Connelly After a break from Harry Bosch, it was good to get back to see what he was up to.

And it didn't take long for Harry to get back into the life of the most sly character seen in awhile, The Poet.

I think it was GR friend Harry who said reading the The Poet was a must before reading The Narrows and it was good advice.

Harry Bosch, a loner, but the best and brightest of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), took an early retirement and works now as a P.I.

The wife of a fellow LAPD detective asks Harry to investigate the natural death of his friend who received a heart transplant. She's suspicious that it may not have been so natural.

Along the way Harry butts heads with just about everyone he comes in contact with including the FBI but he's determined, as usual, to get answers to the whys that come up.

Being on the east coast, I was curious about the Los Angeles River and the narrows. What are they? Why are they dangerous?

The Los Angeles River as seen from the map, runs through the city; or rather the city was built up around the river.

Map showing river running to Pacific photo 566px-LARmap_zps8e09c81b.jpg

During heavy rainfall, the river begins to swell and is very dangerous.

The LA River looks very dangerous photo la_river4_zps8ad5c90c.jpg

This is a boring review, I know. But the book didn't seem all that exciting to me. Perhaps it was just me, I'm not sure. But as reviewers know, it's not easy writing an exciting review when the book itself wasn't all that exciting to the reader.

This does not mean that Harry Bosch fans shouldn't read it since many have given it a much higher rating than I have.

Give it a try...I'm no pushover for giving four or five stars when I didn't think they were deserved. And this one just didn't "toot my horn" but maybe it will yours.