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Sweet and Deadly - Charlaine Harris In the opinion of my favorite bookseller Vanessa, Charlaine Harris is one of the most under-rated authors around today. After reading most all of her series, I tend to agree with Vanessa.

However...however, this Charlaine Harris' first book was terrible and didn't come close to her other books which I enjoyed so very much.

Wasn't very fond of the character, Catherine, at all. She was whiney, wishy-washy, and not a person I would want to hang with or even shake hands with. And it took forever to find a plot with the flipping here and there like the flies on the cover.

Don't know, but the publisher probably re-issued this book based on her successful series since this book was first published in 1981. That's all I can figure because it's certainly not up to Harris' usual standard. Just couldn't hang in there, so why waste my time?