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Reading For Survival - John D. MacDonald Boston Marathon Bombers of April 15, 2013, Meet in 1985 Essay
While I have not read everything that John D. MacDonald has written, I have read the entire Travis McGee series twice and started the third time around earlier this year. Will pick up #3 in the series later this month. Also, I've read numerous other of JDM's standalones. Picked up Cape Fear a couple of times but it scares me so much, have to put it down.

I was unaware of this essay by JDM until I was conversing with D.R. Martin and others on his Travis McGee blog specifically JDM's Free Fall in Crimson review.

Written in 1987, the essay, which I downloaded, read like it was published a week ago especially in light of the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent identification of the brothers suspected of the bombings. (This is Saturday morning, the surviving brother was caught bloody but alive last night.)

MacDonald writes in the voice of Meyer "Take a quick look at terrorism. In Ireland, in Africa, in the Middle East. Most active terrorists are between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. We keep making the automatic assumption that they know something of the world, of history, of politics, of geography. But that assumption is wrong. Totally wrong. They are manipulated by men who have the same thing in their heads that the kids have---nothing but hate, anger, machismo, a sense of fraternity, and access to explosives.

Take the title Reading For Survival literal.

Reading this essay encourages me to read more books on poetry (which I don't read much), political science, history and science. And I will take Meyers's advice and read Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror especially since so many Goodreads friends have had the good sense to have already read it.

Read broadly.