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The Renegades - T. Jefferson Parker Charlie Hood Rides into the Sunset, for me that is

After reading seven T. Jefferson Parker novels, I can say I'm familiar with Parker's writing.

The first of the Charlie Hood series L. A. Outlaws was just great and was almost given five stars, but I have such a hard time coughing up that fifth star, so it ended with the usual four from me. Yes, it was a good, good book. I fell in love with the Charlie Hood character so couldn't wait to read the second in the series, this book, The Renegades.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Charlie simply didn't have the verve, charisma and likability that he possessed in L. A. Outlaws. All those attributes that I loved in L. A. Outlaws.

Parker's writing was up to par but the story line was shaky for my likes. And Charlie, well, he just seems to have changed into a not quite so likable and interesting guy as I left him in L. A. Outlaws.

The upside? A short review which allows me more reading time and a name I can strike off my series list. That makes me happy with the list being so long, however, I will definitely miss the old Charlie from LAO. Glad I didn't get to know him all that well, like five books well.