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48 Hours in London: London Travel Guide - John Jones Ok, ok, ok. I'm going to London, Paris, Switzerland and Rome next year. A few other places on the itinerary, too.

Downloaded a number of free Kindle books so been reading when I have the chance since I have plenty of time and putting together places I want to see.

This isn't my first London read of "go to" places and not my last either. Been reading for a month or so, wanting to get an early start.

And thanks to my U.K. friend and fellow mystery aficionado Col in U.K. he's guiding me from afar on book stores I need to snoop around in. The dark, musty and dusty ones, that has a wooden balcony and a ladder to reach the top shelves. One where I can find that jewel of a book I've been looking for my entire life. My thanks to Col for his help in bookstores and teaching me some Cockney slang along the way. He said his favorite bookstore haunt is no longer. Wish it could have waited until I visited even though it's a long time off.

And Jeff K. suggested picking up a first edition book published in U.K. because unlike the U.S., Brit publishers print a limited number (2,000 m/l) on their first print. A nod and thanks to my friend, Jeff, who knows the publishing business from lifelong experience.

And on my must visit is 21b Baker St., for obvious reasons. As I've said before, Arthur Conan Doyle is the reason I love mysteries so very, very much.