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A Stab in the Dark - Lawrence Block Forever Questions Answered About New York City Boroughs
From the book...
SoHo is from South of Houston (street location)
Tribeca is from Triangle Below Canal


Matthew Scudder is such a tortured anguished, unlicensed P.I. I hate that overused word for these protagonist and hate that word protagonist, too.

Let's say Scudder has some definite daytime and night-time mares (Cockney slang, folks, easy to figure out.)

Those mares walk with him every waking and sleeping moment for this ex-cop who resigned the NYPD due to a stray bullet which killed an innocent bystander; a little girl, no less.

Such a great mystery with twists and turns (trite comment, too) which kept me wondering 'who dunnit' until the end.

Was thinking earlier, I'm not good on puzzles, chess, a multitude of games so never should expect to figure out the 'who dunnit' of any mystery. Surprising if I do.

Anyway, reading Scudder in order and this is number four for me and a cut above the last one, I think.

Block's Scudder is a great guy, character, flawed (another overused word) imperfect, knowingly imperfect man. But how can the reader not love and admire him?

Block's writing is the best and his use of one-liners, such as "Any port in the storm.", referring to a sleazy bar where he can get a drink, endears him to me even more. Speaking of the same bar he says "I guess I didn't look as though I belonged there, and I hope to God I never do." Block writes like he's talking to me and I just love that.

Sorry that you had to endure my rambling about trite terms I hate. Ok, I'm dropping it, got it off my chest, letting it go, as they say.

Matthew Scudder is a must for mystery lovers and such an enjoyable read, always. Sad day when I finish the series.