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A Study in Scarlet  - Anne Perry,  Arthur Conan Doyle Ahhh, I know this was not my first Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Otherwise, not sure I would have picked up the second one.

Ok, I'm in London, fog and all...mystery solved and wala, now in the desert of Utah. What the hell? New chapter, new story, what? What, what, what the hell?

That just threw me for a loop. It was the how, why of the mystery. Perhaps that should have come first. I'm not sure, but it was just unsettling to me as a reader. Doyle apologized to Mormons later and stated there were some errors in his writing. Not sure either was necessary but who am I? Sir Doyle? Far from it. But not many writer's living today came compare to his detecting abilities. Wouldn't dare to name any authors here in this mealy review.

By the way, he did not like the "Sir" part of his name, which had nothing to do with his writing but with his active participate in the Boer War. (Don't quote me on that, just recalling from memory.) Doyle's mother strongly encouraged him to add the "Sir" to his books for sales, prestige, those reasons and more.

My first SH/DW was The Adventure of the Speckled Band which was great and then went on my SH/DW roll reading them all in succession years ago.

Always starting with the first in a series, that was the reason I started with A Study in Scarlet the second time around. Glad I read it now though...re-read it but glad I finished it, too, so I can read the next one.

After reading the book On Conan Doyle (wanted to write review but lost my damned notes) I will forever address Dr. John Watson with the name Sherlock Holmes because he was such an intricate part of who Holmes was and who he remains in the annals of history and mystery.

Long live Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, to this day, the reason I love mysteries.