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Whip Hand - Dick Francis My first Dick Francis read and it was great!

Not all that fond of books set abroad but didn't know that when I began reading. Can say though that it didn't bother or annoy me at all that it was set in England. Actually learned much about England by reading the book.

Story was unique and the writing was way, way above average. Clear, clean with no excess words. Dick Francis, from what I've read, had no training in writing but he was a jockey so he knows his subject. Look forward to reading Francis for many years and hoping the last book I read of his is only one-half as good as this was.

It was great reading and kept me guessing with making so many turns hither and yon around the track. Many more than you'll find at an actual racetrack that's for damn sure.

Be nice if we were related too, since Francis is a family name.