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The Poet - Michael Connelly “For her passivity in these horizontal moments was diametrically opposed to her demeanor in our vertical moments.” Quote from Jack McEvoy from The Poet.

Sentences like that just capture my heart. It could be easily said to be trite or ordinary, maybe, but sometimes I like ordinary, at times, anyway. And I always, always love Michael Connelly’s writing. He’s the best contemporary writer today, in my opinion.

The Narrows was next on my list, and it was Tay, Anthony or Tiftoboy…one of them suggested I read The Poet first. I can now check this one off of my Connelly list of books read.

What I call my “yuk factor” was about a nine on a scale one to 10. A few too many “yuks” for my liking.

Although it was a good book, Jack McEvoy, a journalist with the Rocky Mountain News, wasn’t all that impressive to me as the main character.

He didn’t seem to be very confident although I give him high grade on persistence. And he was definitely not very confident with women. My real thought here I thought he was a wuss. The guys, of course, may disagree with me on that but of course, theirs is from a man’s perspective.

It was a pretty good story with the usual for Connelly, surprises throughout. It just didn’t seem up to par with Connelly’s other books.

Otherwise, a pretty good read which I’m glad I did because Harry Bosch has grown on me and I want to get to the next in the series.

I'm a fan of Raymond Chandler and according to Connelly’s Goodreads bio, he is also fan. Further Connelly went to the University of Florida and took a class from noted southern writer, Harry Crews. The Goodreads bio on Michael Connelly was excellent by the way. As is MC.