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Cop Hater (87th Precinct Mysteries) - Ed McBain Ho, hum. Finished with that so can now move on to something worthwhile.

Have been reading the prolific writer Ed McBain (Evan Hunter), and have loved the Matthew Hope series which, in my mind, are cleverly, well written mysteries.

Having about nine or so 87th Precinct books on my shelf, thought it important that I begin the series, so fortunately, spent no money but got this one from the library. I hate to waste money, so giving it two stars, I was happy I didn’t spend my hard earned cash, fifty cents or not.

I was very disappointed though because I was expecting more from the series. Ho, hum, from the beginning through to the end with an important subject left unanswered; the troublemaking, unethical newspaper reporter who never got his comeuppance. This fact though, isn't a spoiler.

We, those of us who read mysteries, like all important characters to get their due in the end, and he was left with his job intact, I guess, to wreak havoc for the rest of his career or move to a career which doesn’t call for high ethical standards. Who knows and at this point, I surely don't care.

Will probably be taking most, if not all, the series I have tothe best bookseller in St. Augustine, Vanessa, because there are just too many good books on my "to-read” shelf to waste my time on books two star books.

That’s too bad because I really have enjoyed McBain’s writing thus far.

I was forewarned though, by my Goodreads friend, Jim, so here’s a cautionary note if you’re looking at this series.