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The Deep Blue Good-By - John D. MacDonald Third Time's a Charm

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Cathy's First Love, Still

For anyone considering reading the Travis McGee series (first book published in 1964 with a total of 21 books in the series) this book should definitely be read first. It lays the ground work for who McGee really is, how he feels about society, women and Florida in general. These are important basics for reading the series since the character for me, is so very important.

Reading the Long Blue Goodbye for me, was like seeing an old friend, no, I take that back, an old lover and we parted ways amicability so many years ago but it’s good for him to be back in my hands. We both had other relationships in our absence from each other but that spark is still there, as strong as ever. Elvis Cole, well, he’ll just have to wait a bit. Philip Marlowe and Vachss’ Burke, I’ll be back with you shortly. Have some business to finish with Trav.

In his first adventure Trav helps Cathy, from Candle Key, in the Keys of course. Cathy, he helps Cathy. It's meant to be, it's in the stars, Trav.

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Travis McGee - Owner of the Busted Flush Won in a Poker Game
and Docked at Bahia Mar, Slip F-18 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

John D. MacDonald by the way, was a great, word is not strong enough, writer with a wonderful sense of place in all his books. He wrote mostly mysteries, some more frightening than others such as Cape Fear which I’ve yet been able to finish.

First time reader, good for you; if not, what’s stopping you?

And you women out there, I met him first. You guys, well, hummm. Face it you love him too, especially his sensitive side, eh?

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Travis McGee...Salvager of Worthwhile Goods Including Women

A great blog D. R. Martin---McGee and Me with a synopsis of every one of the 21 Travis McGee series. Take note, there are spoilers. I like to read after finishing the book and blog to others reading Trav.