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Fletch [Movie Tie-In; Chevvy Chase; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] - Gregory McDonald Dear Friends:

I read 141 books last year, however, regretfully, I did not meet my challenge. Thus far this year, I've read nine books including this book, Fletch, published in 1974.

Out of all those books, this might be the most entertaining of them all.

It had the elements I enjoy so much in reading books: a mystery; great character development; a very likable protag who has a multitude of personal issues particularly two ex-wives who he owes alimony; a respected investigative journalist who is 'bulldog' tough and doesn't let go of a great story; lousey publishers who call the shots however know little to nothing about journalism; and last but not least, humor; light humor but nevertheless, it was just plain funny in parts.

Fletch has been on my shelf for years and I never thought about picking it up and reading it but I just got tired of looking at the much worn paperback cover, so wanted to read it, get it out of my house to replace with a better read. (Silly me, little did I know.) When I looked at it more closely, I noticed it was an Edgar Award Winner.

The Edgars are given yearly to mysteries and like those, including my friend Will Byrnes who watches all the Oscar nominees, I try to read as many Edgar nominees and winners as possible.

Terrible that I have passed this book up for so many years but very happy today that I read it because it was a wild ride with Fletch, one character I will not forget for a long time.

As an aside, a movie was made from the book starring Chevy Chase as Fletch. Great casting because I can see Chase as Fletch which should give my friends an idea of the humor I mentioned above.

Good reading, everyone, and pick this one up next time you see it; it was worthy of the Edgar Award, the Oscar in mystery books.