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Iron Lake - William Kent Krueger My Goodreads guy friends really liked this and while I wasn't encouraged to read it, I noticed they gave it a high rating. So I happily followed.

Anything cold, freezing, snowy, well, they're just not in my sphere of knowledge. And I'm cold natured anyway so was freezing ass cold from page one to page 438.

Yes, there were some murders; did the protagonist, Cork O'Connor, solve them? Well, no, not really. He did identify who knew who killed them though. Does that count? And he shook his finger at a teenager who murdered. Great job, Cork.

And the ending, well, it seemed to be written on the fly...and went on......and on........and on. I was so glad when I got to page 438, went outside and stood in the January 8, 71 degree Florida sunshine and happily warmed up.