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Trouble is My Business - Raymond Chandler A collection of four short stories (which I love by the way) I just couldn't get into these except maybe one. This was due probably more my lack of concentration rather than the story or writing because Chandler's as good as ever. I shouldn't read when I have other stuff on my mind so I'm putting this aside to read again another time.

One story did stand out more than the other three but all in all, Chandler's at his noir best with the bad women being really bad and same with the men. They all seem to have a stake in trying to manipulate others to do their bidding for money. It's all about money, of course. Usually money they are not entitled to.

And Chandler, bless his heart, wants to do the right thing whether it's giving back to the deserving or contributing to 'the cause' i.e. Salvation Army, Retired Police Officers or other benevolent organizations.

Chandler's Phillip Marlowe is considered the first of the modern P.I. With Marlowe they're no longer low-lifes without a conscience, 'what's in it for me' characters. They're real fellows who have a heart and want to do what's right by everyone. I'm glad I found Chandler. I've enjoyed his books. Apparently his writing is studied in lit classes since many of the books I've read have school notes throughout. Chandler brings life to Marlowe's surroundings and gives a sense of place. Apparently he was the author who brought detective series and mysteries into the modern era.

After finishing The Long Goodbye, taking another look at a couple of these short stories I missed or obviously didn't like at first glance. Will give it another try, in my 'to review' stack.