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City of Bones  - Michael Connelly Oh, my...I admit that I have a problem, an addiction. I'm addicted to Michael Connelly. Guess there are other, worse addictions to have.

They're all, I mean in my estimation, all great reads. I don't even look to see what page number I'm on and how much more I have to read which I have a tendancy to do.

Harry Bosch had to grow on me since I read all of the Mickey Haller's first and just simply fell in love with "Mickey, Mickey, You're Sooo Fine!" (Joe Biden, you have competition!)

Harry, however, has definitely grown on me. First book, he was just ok, liked him but his personality didn't come close to Mickey's. I shouldn't have compared them, of course, but did. But as my reading of the series continued, I have seen Harry become more 'fragile' while becoming more likeable to me; more real with deep feelings of honor and integrity.

Look forward the next of the series since I'm one of those ADD people, who really, really like to read series in order. Only problem is that I'm reading about six different characters, so I certainly won't overdose with my addiction.