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Hard Evidence - John Lescroart Sorry, Diz...droning on and on like John Lescroart let you do, becomes very tedious reading. And I decided some time ago that life's too short to waste on books that I don't enjoy reading.

In my opinion, Hard Evidence needed some very serious editing which would have taken the 516 pages to a comfortable 350 pages more or less.

Lescroart's writing simply became very boring with pages and pages of saying little to keep the plot moving forward.

No, I will not stop reading this great series and yes, I do enjoy Lescroart's writing a lot; most of the time, anyway. No idea why, in my mind, this book 'went south' so fast for me. But like I said, life's too short...moving forward.

(Must be me because my GR friends liked it, a lot and we usually agree.)