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Murder on a Girls' Night Out - Anne George After reading an intense book, one that I pay much attention to, I find reading what's called 'cozy mystery' a needed diversion, a 'no-brainer.'

Although I didn't guess the 'who dunnit it' I didn't much care, just breezed through this book.

I liked the sisters, both of them, and the book was pretty good, as cozy mysteries go.

Got a number of Anne George books, so I'm sure I'll pick up another one but have read some (Charlaine Harris, Snookie Stackhouse fame) that I liked much, much more. By the way, apparently Harris is making so mint with the vampire series, now TV series; so much so that she hasn't written a cozy mystery in years. Too bad, she had a devoted following, myself included. My favorite character was the Aurora (Roe) Teahouse. She was a hoot and had a sex life to boot!

Someone mentioned to me that cozy mysteries are called 'brain candy' and if that's a good description, this one was like black licorice for me. I could eat it, and it was kindof sweet, but wouldn't eat it again, if I had a choice.