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Playmates - Robert B. Parker Reading the Spenser series, along with about six other series in order, has been a challenge but a fun one.

When I first began reading Playmates I was thinking about how much I missed Spenser's wise ass remarks, being, not trying to be but actually being funny, by my warped sense of humor standards.

The farther along I read, the more I was thinking to myself, I've read this before and about a quarter through, read a couple of reviews (without spoilers) to determine if I was correct. Reading the first review by a Goodreads reviewer who was not a GR friend, he was saying that Playmates was nothing but a re-write of Mortal Stakes which was about baseball. I continued reading because I was enjoying it, but it was sounding so very familiar. Was close to the point of knowing what was going to happen on the next page because I had 'read' it before.

So, it wasn't just me! If so, it was me and another fellow who felt the same way; this was a re-write of sorts with basketball being substituted for baseball. Oh, well, the book didn't take that long and it was enjoyable albeit familiar.

Not sure either, whether I'm over Susan's past actions. She was so disappointing to me in an earlier book that I'm still finding it hard to forgive her as easily as Spenser obviously did. If someone had just picked up this book and read as standalone, they would never know what a difficult wishy-washy woman she can be. Perhaps she's found her feet solid in reality, maybe not. I'm not totally trusting of her, yet, sorry about that Spenser. And her waxing romantic about love? Come on now, Susan. Remember when you said...blah, blah, blah?

Spenser though, continues on in his quest to 'save' one person at a time and with Hawk's help, he may just have. Love Hawk, everything about him; I could read an entire book devoted only to Hawk, provided it wasn't a re-hash.

Spenser's such a unique guy but I hope that this isn't the beginning of the end for Parker's so far, great plots.

I'm continuing on my quest to read them all in order, but hope this doesn't happen again. Won't know unless I pick up the next book. There are many Harry Bosch, Dimas Hardy, Lucas Davenport, Dave Robicheaux and in the future, Elvis Cole's that I need to read first. And then I want to read for the third time around, my good buddy, Travis McGee in 2013 who is always a joy.

Moving forward...