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Compelling Evidence - Steve Martini First time read for a Paul Madriani book and I really enjoyed the plot and character, Paul Madriani, and especially the courtroom scenes which were a good portion of the book. Great secondary characters too, well described and vivid.

Believe I might be a ‘frustrated wannabe lawyer.’ Always, always enjoy these genre of books. It's one of the reasons I loved The Lincoln Lawyer so much. I've read a lot of lawyer/courtroom books; more two hands worth, I'm sure.

Great storyline, too, and the ending, well, usually I don't get the 'whodunit' but this one, it was a total, complete surprise to me and was uncovered only in the last five pages or so. What a surprise, a total surprise.

Goodreads friend Jim said Martini got somewhat old to him, but now I'm anxious to read another. Not now, but in the near future so he'll be added to the vast collection of series that I'm reading. No worries though. What's another series when I like the character so much, in part, just because he's a lawyer.

My only gripe, why doesn't he fire his incompetent secretary? She gives women a bad name because of her lack of brains. Not that she has to be smart, just smart enough to be in the real world and function like she has something 'upstairs.' Only thing that rings now is S-T-U-P-I-D. OK, there I go trying to re-write portions of the book which I really hate for reviewers to do, including myself; but folks, I hate stupid and she just takes the cake. Paul (and Martini) please, just fire her fancy, dancy ass, no one would miss her.