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Trunk Music  - Michael Connelly Another great Michael Connelly in the Harry Bosch series and fortunately I'm reading them in order, slowly but in order.

I started Connelly with Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer, and I really enjoy the rag-tag lawyer. He was fun and funny. After I read the third book, I started on the Bosch series in part because he was mentioned and played a part in the Haller series and I knew I was coming to an end of those.

Bosch was not a favorite, by far and I say that in my first reviews of the series. However, by this, book #5, I've grown to like him more and more with each book. He's seems to have loosened up a lot, more easy going with people, less robot-like. And that does not mean he's grown warm and fuzzy.

Up until this book, I thought Harry was celibate because there was little or no mention of any lovelife. However, Trunk Music dispels that notion and I believe that in itself makes him more 'human' and in my eyes, a more likable straight as an arrow cop.

Continuing the series but have so many series on my plate so taking them one by one.

Good, no always better than good book and worth the read with action from the beginning to the end and there's a surprise ending, surprise, surprise! (Sure...since Connelly is full of surprises in each book. My life was a bit boring before I found Michael Connelly, Harry and Mickey.