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City of Darkness - Kim Wright Set in London when Jack the Ripper was loose and doing his 'side job' of murdering women, guess this would be called a historical fiction. Don't read many of them, so not entirely sure but sure this was much better than I anticipated.

It was a free Kindle, which makes them even better but regardless, I'll put it down if it's not good. (No longer wasting my time trying to get through books which I don't like.)

Piercy's characters were well developed, the storyline was interesting and weaving Jack the Ripper into the story couldn't be better. She set the landscape in such a way that you had the feeling of being there. Of course I've never been to London so it wouldn't take much to be believeable to me but nevertheless it was.

Intend on putting Piercy's other books on my list, but there's a lot of reading ahead of those. Series and authors who I'm loving, just like Piercy.