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Lassiter - Paul Levine Warning: If you are sensitive to curse words, descriptive scenes or the porno scene (in books, of course), forget this book. It’s about the adult entertainment industry in general and with that comes a broad use of words not generally found in Paul Levine’s works.

However, if you saw the movie Boogie Nights (1997 with Mark Walberg) relax and enjoy without any or much gasping when words fly that you’re not used to reading.

Following all of Paul Levine’s works and loving his characters, I was delighted when Lassiter came out after a 14 year dry spell.

Lassiter is not the run of the mill defense attorney. He obtained his law degree in at a Miami night school and it took him four times to pass the Florida Bar exam. However, he intuitively knows right from wrong and always pulls for the underdog, usually his client. He willingly steps up to the plate to defend clients who he knows are probably guilty. Disclaimer: He has been known to ‘bury’ his client when knows he’s guilty.

The mystery surrounds the disappearance a woman in the porn industry 18 years prior. Her half-sister comes to Miami to find out exactly how she disappeared. Unfortunately, Lassiter is drawn into the disappearance by a photo taken when he (and a bunch of foolhardy guys) was a college football star, celebrating in the old fashioned way at a strip joint. Everyone involved excepting the woman sister, has moved on to bigger and better things with the disappearance now just a bleep on the police blotter of unsolved disappearances. And they would like to keep it that way but for the half-sister who is like a pit bull and won’t leave it alone.

This was a fun read after reminding myself from time to time that hey, it’s about porn, and yes, I’m sure that’s in their vocabulary.

The end was a surprise to me but I’m the sort who is easily surprised when everyone else says, “I got it half way through and walaaa, I figured it out.” I just read it, and don’t bother to try to put the puzzle together as I go. Readers like me, I’m sure, are in the minority.

After so long without reading a good Levine book, it was a pleasure once again. And Lassiter is famous for his ‘one liners’ which make me smile from beginning to end. Love that guy, an attorney who is honest with his clients, the courts, protects his not so spotless family and most important, honest to himself.

Glad I read the previous Jake Lassiter books and became a fan of Jake. While this was indeed a good book, I can recall others which I liked more, but that's just me. I like Jake, he a funny character who 'bulls' through for the underdog because he is one.