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The Way We Die Now - Charles Willeford, Donald E Westlake Charles Willeford is considered 'hard-boiled' which is 'my genre' and I really liked this book more because it's set in Florida. South Florida but Florida nevertheless and I'm drawn to Florida books and writers.

Sgt. Hoke Moseley, Miami PD, is THE Man. He's real, in part, because of Willeford's sparse writing. I love this character who had his teeth in the first of the series, lost them, bought some expensive 'chopper' then and lost them and can't afford to buy more on his police salary. A good thing his lost them because in this book he fits right in with the characters around him. And Moseley's funny without trying to be. I love to see humor surrounding so much choas and blending in just fine, thank you.

Loads of action with some really dark scenes. But, that's my kindof book, my kind of writing, too. So glad I discovered Charles Willeford. He's my kindof guy, too.