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Homicide in Hardcover - Kate Carlisle After reading a book where I must pay attention to most every detail, I enjoy picking up one of these 'cozy mystery' genre books.

Kate Carlisle is a new writer, to me, but recommended by my favorite bookseller, Vanessa. After this much time of her getting to know me, Vanessa pretty much can put her finger on writers that I would enjoy and Carlisle was it.

Nice storyline, plenty of intrigue, with great character development. Set in San Francisco, the main character is Brooklyn Wainwright, who is well educated and whose career is restoring rare books. The fact that she was raised in a commune and still has a presence there just adds to her charming character. To her advantage, she has a sense of humor dropping ‘on liners’ regularly. Describing an outlandish outfit of a woman she dislikes, she ends the sentence. Then says: “Would I make this up?” Cute, very cute remarks scattered throughout the book.

As we know, readers love books; we're bibliophiles. The cover states "A Bibliophile Mystery" which is indeed true. Lessons on book restoring throughout the book were quite interesting and I learned a little bit from the this very specific but important area restoring old book. Not enough to buy the equipment and begin doing it, of course, but for bibliophiles like me, enough to find it entertaining; that and the mystery itself.

Easy flowing, charming and funny book for someone who wants a light read. But this isn't my last read of Kate Carlisle.