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The Two Minute Rule - Robert Crais Great book, another one, so many thanks to Robert Crais for his great writing skills!

A new character, Max Holman, who just gets out of prison after 10 years to find out that his son, a police officer, was murdered with three other officers. To make matters worse, he has not been in his son's life almost ever and was hoping for a reconciliation.

Trying to stay straight and within the law, Holman has to walk a fine line in trying to identify his father's killer(s) and why the murder of four LAPD officers happened. Everything looks mighty fishy to him so he contacts the person who put him behind bars, an ex-FBI agent who is not all that happy about his contacting her.

Crais hasn't disappointed me yet and this just adds to his stature in my eyes. Great plot, great characters...sorry I didn't know Crais before I discovered him about a year ago. Missed out on many hours of great reading pleasure. If you're not familar with him, give him a try. He's well worth the money spent any way you read.