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The Reversal (Harry Bosch, #16; Mickey Haller, #3) - Michael Connelly A couple of years ago I recall having a dry spell of books and particularly authors I wanted to read.

Then I belatedly found Robert B. Parker and John Sandford. I was content because I enjoyed their writing so much and the stories were great.

Last year I happened upon Michael Connelly and although I had heard of him, purposely avoided him because I thought he was marketed just a little to slick for my taste. However, after finishing The Lincoln Lawyer (my first Connelly) I chastised myself for being so opinionated based upon nothing, really.

So now I'm wondering, is Michael Connelly capable of writing a bad book? A book with a bad storyline? A book where the characters are not described so well that you think you know them? So far, in my opinion, it's doubtful.

This is another one where Connelly hits it out of the park. A bonus for me, too, is that this book has equal parts for both characters. So far, I've enjoyed Mickey more than Harry but Harry has upped the ante with this one. He seems to have more, what I call 'heart' in The Reversal. I like that in characters. Hate using the word character though since they seem so real to me. Think that's what Connelly wants in his writing, too. To make them real. He does.

The only downside, if it is a downside, is I was waiting for a line at the end that said "to be continued." All the ends were mostly wrapped but...hey, but what about that, and that? Well, I expect to read a followup to The Reversal either Harry or Mickey or better yet, both.

So, with catching up with Connelly's books later than most readers, I can't expect a dry spell of who to read anytime in the near future. Thankfully, I have about 10 Connelly's on my shelf and I would not be surprised if they all got four stars like I've given them so far.