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Murder on Gramercy Park - Victoria Thompson Yes, I like Victoria Thompson and her characters in the Gaslight series. Even like NY at the turn of the century, the 1900's, that is.

Enjoyed the developing relationship forming between Sarah, the upper class widow who chose to be a mid-wife (a no-no), and the NYC detective during a time of corruption within the police department. But...and you knew this was coming, it's just a break from the usual more hard detective series that I'm drawn to.

Not too addicted to the series, but they're fine and don't have to think too hard about them. And low and behold, I figured out the mystery before the next to last page, too. I would think that I would be better at finding out the 'who dunnit' but no, not much better than I was 10 years ago. This is no reflection on this mystery. It was good, but kind of simple unless you're drawn to historical detective series. Not a book I would buy but something I might pick up from library or from a friend which, in this instance, is the case.

And I'll read another, if my friend passes it along.