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Red Light - T. Jefferson Parker My third T. Jeffereson Parker book and by far my favorite.

Still wish there were 1/2 star ratings. This book, in my estimation, was very close to five stars especially since I gave four stars to the other two. Had to recall those books I did give five stars to in order to back off down to four. In my mind though, four and one-half stars.

Marci Rayborn is the protagonist and she's a wounded soul. Young but carrying the burden of a person who has been through a number of reincarnations all of which left her with a burden heavier than the last one.

There are at least three storylines, all intersecting at the right moment. Wish I could say I've gotten better at determining the 'evil doer' but no, not so much. In this book especially, it still came somewhat of a surprise because I just couldn't figure how the murder occurred with the evidence presented. Wouldn't make much of a Sherlock Holmes, that's for sure.

It's clear entertainment for me and TJP is running really close to becoming a favorite author. His books are complex without being confusing. His characters are as complex as the storyline. And Marci definately has that moral complass which I love and appreciate in the main character, when, of course, he/she is the 'good guy.'

Look forward to reading the next chapter in Marci's timeline to become sheriff by the time she's 58. Make it or not, it's going to be a fine, very fine ride.