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Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A. Heinlein In an effort to broaden my reading genres and include more classics, Robert Heinlein was strongly recommended by GR friend Jeff. As many know, Heinlein was a science-fiction writer and this book is considered a sci-fi classic.

In the first 20 pages (out of 525 pages) the word grok came up about 40 times and I couldn't recall a definition. Not expecting to find the word defined, I turned on my Kindle New Oxford American Dictionary, and surprisingly, the word was there. No idea when it entered the English dictionary, however it noted that it 'originated in the mid 20th century' and was coined by Heinlein from Stranger in a Strange Land.

There were so many words throughout the book that I had never heard, never knew, will never remember and never use in a sentence because I won't remember them. Grok, however, is not one of them.

Generally speaking, and unfortunately, I didn't grok most of this book. Groked the overall concept but that was about it. However, the ending, I definely groked and proud of it because it not only elevated the review from two to three stars but I can say I read a sci-fi classic and groked it. Might even use grok in a sentence. Expect a strange look from the person I'm talking to unless, of course, they're sci-fi readers.