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The Brass Verdict - Michael Connelly Michael Connelly just keeps getting better for me. And I really like his secondary character, Mickey Haller, a defense attorney better than his first character, Harry Bosch, a LAPD detective. In this book, they meet for the first time and discover a family secret. Well, not a well kept secret if you've read either of the previous books in the series. Mickey seems to have more character and more emotions than Harry.

Mickey has taken off a year and wants to gradually get back into the 'game' when, due to death of another attorney, a somewhat friend, he winds up with 33 cases in his lap. One case is a high profile double murder with the trial to begin in a couple of weeks. The accused murderer is a Hollywood producer and the victims are his wife and her lover.

Harry, who is investigating the death of the attorney, meets with Mickey and they have an immediate distrust of each other. Both have secrets which they won't share and that makes for finding the murderers even more difficult.

Some noir and pulp fiction books I've read are noted for their description of LA or NY during the 40's or 50's. The writers describe vividly the surroundings. I think in the future, Connelly will be known, in part, for his ability to describe the surroundings and give the reader a clear sense of place, that being LA.

I just love books like this and was thinking that when I was reading it. Turn a page and there's another surprise. Surprises from beginning to the very end. And there are the court scenes, one in the last quarter of the book, which I loved.

Have to give it to Connelly, he's a great storyteller and a bonus is his skillful writing. I won't read him back to back because there are so many authors and books I want to read, but when I do, I sure miss Connelly and his wonderful characters.