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Murder is Binding - Lorna Barrett This is a 'little cozy mystery.' Had to look up the definition of 'cozy mystery' and it's a murder mystery, generally set in small town, handful of local characters, most of whom could have done the bad deed. May have more than one murder, too. Usually, no intense descriptive fighting scenes, blood and guts, you know, the usual for mystery and/or thriller readers like me.

Needed a 'no-brainer' after thinking so much reading the last book, Hit Lit.

Charlaine Harris of Snookie Stackhouse fame got her start with cozy mysteries and I've read them all. Liked them because they're easy reading, like I said.

This is a new series and it's about a bookseller in small New Hampshire town. An interesting take on the subject of booksellers since she sells mysteries both collectibles and most recent in the cleverly named shop of Haven't Got a Clue and located on street address of 221. (Sherlock Holmes address was 221B.)

I'm not too good on guessing who the bad guy (or gal) is and certainly can't hold a candle to my GR friend Jeff, but this was sooo easy. Got the bad guy nailed in the first quarter of the book; a no brainer, like I said.

Character was ok, liked her ok; sister was a little snippy, but she was fine, too. Didn't expect too much and wasn't disappointed. A nice break from the heavy stuff. Hate using a cliche but this was indeed 'brain candy.' Not sure I want any more though for a while. Sweet tooth satisfied.