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Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach, Russell Munson Lovely book about being more than you envision yourself to be.

Must have been in a very introspective place since I read it so many times and loved it each time I read it. Needless to say, it isn't one of those books which takes days and days to read. Thin little ditty which can be read at one sitting. Makes you root and rah rah for a seagull??? Oh well, I did, and more than one time, too! Maybe I was rooting for myself, too. Probably was come to think of it.


In reading Hit Lit by James W. Hall, I came across a sentence regarding JLSeagull which I thought was funny. Here goes from Jim Hall, page 122: "Bach claimed the novel was dicated to him by a voice that came from somewhere 'behind and to the right.' Okay." Hall is pretty dead pan.

Never heard that one but wish I would have before I read the book. Maybe I would have thought again about reading it and the message it delivered. I stand with my first review though, regardless of where the dicated message to Bach came from.